Website Design

We are in the process of changing our site design. Some of the coming changes are notated below.

Change #1 From the prior format to the WordPress format which is more of a blog format. With the new format, it will flow better to cover games and have articles together.  We are going to start covering more games and events, with several photographers and writers in the future.

Change #2 Logo will change to a multi sport design and will feature several schools and sports.

Change #3 The gallery will go from our own personalized shopping cart to a national company that will handle printing, packaging and mailing all in one. We are hoping that some of the changes will be easier for our viewers.

Change #4 Each game or event attended, will have a couple of cover photos and a recap of the game including what happened and who did it with the final score.

We also are looking for a few person’s that might be interested in writing about some of the games attended, this will be an unpaid position. If interested, please contact us at