Quince Orchard rolls over Gaithersburg

The Trojans of Gaithersburg HS are hosting the Cougars of Quince Orchard HS, in a rainy deary afternoon, The Trojans wins toss defer to 2nd half, The Cougars return the opening kick off for 45 yards. The Cougars are on the Trojans 27 yard line and fumble, Trojans recover on the 20 yard line. Refs are discussing a penalty and Cougars end up getting 2 dead ball penalty’s, and winds up with a 15 yd loss, Trojans can not move the ball, and are forced to punts from mid field, it takes a short bounce and sets the Cougars to start from the 12 yd line. Within a few plays the Cougars #1 Shawn Barlow rushes up the center to pick up 14 yards, then they throw a 64 yard pass to #2 Nick Moon for a touchdown pass, the extra point is good, Cougars 7 Trojans 0 with 7 minutes left in the 1st quarter. The Cougars kick off into end zone, allowing the Trojans to start from their own 20. The Trojans can’t move the ball and punt on a 4th and 20, Cougars #2 Nick Moon returns punt for 35 yards, setting the Cougars up on the Trojans 13 yard line. Cougars #1 Shawn Barlow takes a short 13 yard run to score, extra point good, Cougars 14 0 with 4:09 in 1st.

The Cougars kick off into end zone, setting the Trojans to starts on 20, The Trojans quarterback is sacked by Cougars #5 Raymond Butler, and gets illegal procedure penalty, next play, #7 Carlin Bason runs towards sideline for a short gain leading to a 4th and 5, and bobble the punt, ball end up on Trojans 39 yard line. The Cougars start marching down field, with a short pass to #44 Eisley Kim for a 1st down, then #44 Eisley Kim rushes for a 21 yard gain, #1 Shawn Barlow scores on a short 5 yard run, extra point is good, Cougars 21 Trojans 0 with 1 minute left in 1st. Cougars kicks into end zone, Trojans again starting on the 20, and ending the 1st quarter at Cougars 21 Trojans 0.

Trojans come to a 4th and 12, forced to punt, giving the Cougars the ball near mid field, they fumble and recover the ball on own 34 yard line, #44 Eisley Kim catches short shuffle pass and picks up around 26 yards, now on the Trojans 27 yard line, #32 Jack Malakoff picks 12 yards on short run, #1 Shawn Barlow scores on a 12 yard run, extra point good, Cougars 28 Trojans 0 with 9:32 left in 2nd. Trojans are able to return ensuing kickoff for about 15 yards, starting on 36 yd line, Trojans #7 Carlin Bason scrambles towards sidelines for short lose, then throws a pass out-of-bounds, almost being picked off by the Cougars. Now forced to punt, and putting the Cougars on their own goal line to start, they go 3 and out, forced to punt from the end zone. The Trojans runs a little backwards trying to find an opening and ends up losing a few yards on the return, will starts from mid field. Cougars defense is playing tough and stacking the Trojans offense up at the line on most plays. Cougars sidelines receives a sidelines warning, for being to close to the field, then the ref comes over to Gaithersburg side and lets them know to stay off the field also. With a 4th and 2, The Trojans line up to punts from the Cougars 48, turns out to be a fake punt and they pick up the 1st down. Trojans #2 Philip Oni short run for a few yards, #3 Marqel Simpkins picks up a 1st with a short run, #7 Carlin Bason scrambles to the sidelines trying to throw a pass and gets hit out-of-bounds, and knocks a person over on the Cougars sidelines, they get called for a late hit penalty. Trojans now on the Cougars 21 after the penalty, with 2:06 left in 2nd, Cougars #13 Fofie Bazzie intercepts a pass near the goal and returns it for a short gain, with 11 seconds left the Cougars takes a knee and it is halftime.

I am unable to post a complete story on the game, the digital recorder I used to take notes got wet and I am unable to retrieve all of the notes.

Final Score Quince Orchard 42 Gaithersburg 12

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20152016-High-School-Sports/Football/10-02-2015-Gaithersburg-HS-vs/

Week 5 Scores and Standings for Varsity Football Final

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Vikings Tame the Bulldogs

Late in the first quarter Whitman’s #1 Matthew Clayton, throws a short pass to #4 Gunnar Morton for a 37 yard gain ending inside the Churchill’s 10 yard line, with Morton was injured on the play. Whitman’s #1 Clayton, does a QB sneak, going into the end zone for a touchdown with 2:31 left in the 1st, Viking’s 7-0. Churchill do a reverse hand-off pass from #23 Caleb Mbeng to #44 Dawson MacKay for a gain of 28 yards putting them on the Whitman’s 24 yard line.

Midway through the 2nd quarter, Churchill misses a field goal on 4th down. Followed by Whitman’s # 1 Clayton run a 38 yard ending on the Bulldogs 2 yard line. Whitman’s #1 Clayton runs in a 2 yard touchdown 2:22. Whitman defense cause a 3 and out. 1:24 in the first half #1 Clayton, to #4 Morton, for a 20 year gain then he runs for 13 yard gain putting them on 28. Then a couple of quick passes by #1 Clayton which lead to a 3 yard touchdown pass to #11 Austin DeRamus. Whitman 21-0 Halftime.

Later in the 3rd 1# Clayton to #11 Austin DeRamus for a 18 yards touchdown, Whitman 28-0, 44.5 seconds left Churchill’s #22 Andrew Zuckerman, runs in a touchdown. Whitman’s 28-7.

Final Score Whitman 44 Churchill 14

Story and Photos by Kyle Hall

All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20152016-High-School-Sports/Football/10-03-2015-Whitman-HS-VS/

Magruder can’t stop Seneca Valleys Offense

Seneca Valley go for a fourth and 13 and fails to convert. Magruder gets the ball back on the 30 but were 3 and out. Seneca Valley #32 runs in a 7 yard touchdown with 2:47 left in the first quarter. The Screaming Eagles go for a 2 point conversion, but fail. #9 for Magruder fumbles the snap and #9 for Seneca Valley picks up the football and run it in for an Screaming Eagles touchdown. They go for 2 and convert by a run from #7 with 2:43 left in the 1st, 14 – 0. Magruder fumble the punt snap and is down on the 2 yard line. #32 the Eagles run in without being touch for touchdown 21-0 1:05 left in the 1st quarter. 4th down for Magruder, they try a trick punt but fail to convert. The Screaming Eagles began to push down the field, #7 runs in a 17 yard touchdown, extra point was no good 27-0.10:27 2nd quarter. Later in the game, The Screaming Eagles get to ball from Magruder after 3 and out. #7 for the Screaming Eagles runs in an easy 5 yard touchdown. Magruder stops Seneca Valley 2-point conversion 33-0 4:25. With minutes left in the first Half Seneca Valley #7 runs a 43 yard touchdown. Magruder prevents Seneca Valley 2-point conversion 39 2:15. End of first Half.

Final Score Seneca Valley 53 Magruder 24

Story and Photos by Kyle Hall

All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20152016-High-School-Sports/Football/Seneca-Valley-vs-Magruder-HS/

Week 5 Scores and Standings for Varsity Football #2

To view the update week #5 scores on standings for MCPS Varsity Football can be viewed at http://www.mocodaily.com/wp/wp-data/MCPS-FootballStandings.html

Varsity Football Coverage Week #5

Friday Night
Jeff is covering Quince Orchard vs Gaithersburg at Gaithersburg 3:30 pm
Lisa is covering Damascus vs Wheaton at Wootton 3:30 pm
Kyle is covering Seneca Valley vs Magruder at Gaithersburg 7:00 pm
James is unavailable this week

Saturday Games
Mark is covering Northwest vs Sherwood at Gaithersburg 6:30 pm

Watkins Mill beats Poolesville

1st play Watkins Mill  #7 Antony Zavalav runs 70 yards for a touchdown. it was called back and then they went 3 and out. Poolesville goes went 3 and out and punts. The Wolverines get called with roughing the kicker. The Falcons gets a fresh sets of downs. Later in the first quarter Poolesville  punts and it hits #12 Luis Jimenez for Wolverines, Poolesville recover the fumble at the 50 yard line. #2 Brian McNeary for Wolverines intercept the pass at the 18 yard line in their territory. Wolverines QB #8 Markel Grant fumble at the end of the 1st quarter which put them on the 6 yard line for a Wolverines punt to start the 2nd quarter.

The Falcons running back #4 Jonathan Hetrick runs in a 7 yard touchdown with 4:46 left in the 2nd Quarter. Wolverines #8 Markel Grant throws touchdown pass to #9 Daquan Wims but get called back because of ineligible man down field and receive negative 5 yards. #8 Markel Grant throw 56 yard pass to #86 Schezarone Carter for Wolverines, the completion put them within the 5 yard line. The Wolverines get call with illegal procedure and get pushed back 5 yards. #8 Markel Grant take off running on 4th down but doesn’t make it in the end zone, which took them into halftime 7-0 Poolesville.

With 7:21 on the clock Wolverines go for it on 4th down and inches and convert. #40 sack #8 Markel Grant for the lost of 13 yards. That help The Falcons set up the punt from Wolverines #8 Markel Grant pass to #9 Daquan Wims for 52 yard completion that put them on the 20 yard line in Poolesville territory. 2 minutes left in 3rd on a 4th and 5 on Poolesville 15 yard line for Wolverines #8 Markel Grant throws to #25 Jean Axel Kouadio for the 1st and gain of 10 yards. Put them on the 2 yard line. #8 Markel Grant QB sneak it into the end zone. 7-7 tied game.  At the end of the 3rd. Poolesville goes 3 and out. Giving the ball to the Wolverines on the on their 47.

Wolverines #2 hurdles a Falcon player and receive 15 yard penalty for the hurdle. #8 Markel Grant complete the pass to #9 Daquan Wims for 15 yards plus face mask which put the Wolverines on Poolesville 5 yard line. With 8:14 left in 4th # 8 Markel Grant for the Wolverines throws a touchdown pass to Wolverines #25 Jean Axel Kouadio who receives a penalty for unsportsmanlike and was put on the 18 yard line for the extra point try and went for 2 and failed to convert. 4th down for the Falcons Wolverines #9 int the ball on the 50 with left in the 4th. Wolverines go 3 and out with 2:03 left on the clock. Poolesville gets the ball on their 47 yard line and get called with holding and get pushed back, on 4th and 24 for the Falcons with 37.7 seconds left the QB throws a pass and it went in and out the hands of #1 . Wolverines end the game by taking a knee to end the game.

Final Score Watkins Mill 13 Poolesville 7

Story by Kyle Hall
Photos by Jeffrey Vogt

All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20152016-High-School-Sports/Football/10-01-2015-Watkins-MIll-HS-vs/

Week 5 Scores and Standings for Varsity Football

To view the update week #5 scores on standings for MCPS Varsity Football can be viewed at http://www.mocodaily.com/wp/wp-data/MCPS-FootballStandings.html

Quince Orchard Runs Away From Clarksburg

Story and Photos by Lisa Levenbach

Clarksburg came out strong, scoring in the 1st quarter with no answer from Quince Orchard until the 2nd quarter. The 1st half ended with Clarksburg just one score behind. But once the QO Cougars had truly warmed up, there was no chance to stop them from running away with the game after halftime. Three QO offensive players rushed for a combined total of 345 yards. RB Marvin Beander gained 130 yards, FB Eisley Kim rushed for 111 yards, and CB Shawn Barlow added 104 yards.

Quince Orchard vs Gaithersburg has been relocated to Gaithersburg HS on Friday, October 2nd at 3:30 pm. Clarksburg will travel to Wootton on Friday, October 2nd at 6:30 pm. *Most MoCo games are being rescheduled due to the harsh weather conditions expected on Friday night (October 2nd), so be sure to check for kick-off time/date/location changes.*

Scores for QO: Marvin Beander – 5 TDs, Shawn Barlow – 3 TDs, Oliver Clowes – 7 extra points.

Scores for Clarksburg: Stanley Perry – 1 TD, Ian Krishnan – 1 TD, Justin Parrales – 2 extra points.

Final Score Quince Orchard 55 Clarksburg 14

All photos from the game can be viewed and purchased at https://mocodaily.smugmug.com/High-School-Sports/20152016-High-School-Sports/Football/09-25-2015-Quince-Orchard-HS/